Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Our Times 我们少女時代

Heard so many good reviews about this show and I decided to watch it.
So glad that Hub went to watch with me and he likes it too.

I love the story line. 
I guess why it touches so mamy people's heart is because this is a story that will happen in any high school!
It is very very sweet!

Probably it is because of Jerry Yan :P that makes me love the show even more!
He is so shuai! Awwwwwwww

I wished this was my story. Haha.
Catch it, if you have not!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

SICK month

It is a SICKening month.
Belle sick... then Clari sick... then Clari never really fully recovee and fell sick again...

I am exhausted.
Dear Lord, please give me more strength...

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Second Twenties

Been waiting this Korean Drama "Second Twenties" (aka Second Time Twenty Years Old)
It talks about a 39 yrs old lady (Ha No Ra)who got shot gun at the age of 19 yrs old, missed college and spent her "youth" being a housewife, looking after her son.

Her husband asked for a divorce and she decided to go back to college. It happen to be the same year that her son enters college too.

On the first day of school, she met her high school mate aka her professor (Cha Hyun Suk). Ha No Ra was his first love and he still cant forget about her. How sweet right? After twenty years... he still love her...

This made me wonder if there are any Singapore man who is like him? Or does this only happen in drama? You know that the girl of your dream is married but you still cant forget her... sweet TTM!

Another thought ran through my mine... her character is somewhat like my life. Lol. Just that I did not shot gun. Haha.
I went out to work right after Poly and couldnt decide what course to take in Uni. So I continued to work in the hospitality industry which do not really need a Degree to get promoted.
Getting married at 25 (consider young for Singapore woman) and have a child at 26 some what made me change my personal goal.
I felt that, that paper is no longer that important and I should focus on my family.

So what do I want in life? Is that paper still important? Should I be like her? Go back to Uni at the age of 40? Seriously, by 40.. the paper is no longer that important I guess...

Family Goal - replace the population, achieved.
Family Goal - increase the population/have a son, still considering. Lol.

Children Goal - put them in a good pri sch, still considering....

Spouse Goal - Bigger Car, Better House, still working on it.

Career Goal - blank. Maybe it is time to think about what I want (again).

Increase my Wealth Goal - yes.. something to work on. Lol. How? Any suggestion? Its time to do something about it.

Oki back to the drama.. tonight is going to be the last episode. I think it is a really great show! It is even nicer than Oh My Ghost!
If you are between the age of 30s to 40s... do catch this drama ;)

Second Twenties aka Second Time Twenty Years Old

Second Twenties aka Second Time Twenty Years Old

Friday, October 09, 2015

Wednesday, October 07, 2015


Chrystabelle: Crystal-Belle
Yes I know, her name is extremely long because of her mother (thats me). Lol
It's a beautiful name isn't it? 

She is my first born and she got 100% attention for a good 3 years! 
Everyone dotes on her and my parents/in law will bring her out all the time (when she was younger)! Haha
Now that Claressa is part of the family, Chrystabelle still get the same amount of love ok.... in fact my god sisters dotes her more!

Belle is easy to handle since birth. 
Though she had chicken pox at 8 months old, she hardly fall sick (when she was an only child).
Not trying to blame Clari, but Clari is the weaker one and whenever Clari is down with viral fever, Belle will get when Clari recover...

On Saturday morning, Belle told me that her throat is pain.
I thought that she might have eaten too much chocolate... she will be well after drinking lots of water
At night, she suddenly fell ill... fever rose up to 40degrees.
It is very common for me actually... my girl's fever are always in the 39-40 range...
I gave her medicine and she went off to bed.
I am pretty sure it is a viral fever and will last for 3 to 5 or even 7 days.
Sunday morning, her fever was 40degrees.. it subsided after she took medicine and I was better (in the evening).

Before I went to work on Monday, she looked okie but the high fever 38-39 range came back before noon.
I quickly went back home and brought her to the PD.
I could guess what the PD will say and could figure out what medicine PD will give...
I was right about the medicine prescription but what shocked me was... PD told me that Belle's heart beat wasn't right. She has Heart Murmur and referred us to a specialist (that we were suppose to see on Wednesday).
Hearing things like this... parents will definitely rush the kid for immediate treatment instead of waiting...
So many thoughts run through my mind!
She is normal but what is wrong with her heart?
Is it serious? How will it affect her in the future?
Can she still run around and be like a monkey?
The feeling is terrible... we quickly rushed her to another clinic to visit a PD Cardiologist.
Cardio PD recommended for a detailed scan (it is like ultra sound and cost a bomb but Cardio PD promised to give discount. Lol)
As her fever was really high (39-40range)... cardio PD had to insert a suppository.
As expected, she is a scardy cat to new things... she cried and whine when we did the scan that took really long -_-"
Thank God! It is an innocent murmur... means it is harmless but we still need to monitor closely.. 
A trip to 2 PD = bid goodbye to 500 bucks.

Tuesday 5am. Fever is back again! 
40.7degrees O.M.G!
I inserted a suppository and fever went down slowly.
Things are still not looking good. Fever is still in the 38-39 range and its day 4 of the high fever.
Yes, I am worried but based on past experience... its normal for fever to be higher at night because there isn't much activity. 
And... its viral fever.. up, down, up, down is very common for 3 to 5 or 7 days...

Hub decided to send her to the hospital.. 
Thomson and Mount Alvernia is full. Yes, no bed!
We are only left with Mount Elizabeth Novena. 
I was lost again because I wasn't sure if there are any good PD in this new (ok.. not very very new la) hospital or not.... 
We couldn't delay any further and brought her to the A&E walk in clinic.
The doctor there did and check... he recommended for Belle to be warded for further observation.

Thank god for answering my prayers!
This PD came and check on her... 
Sighz... we saw 3 doctors and no one discover this!
Belle has Tonsillities!
Arghhhh!!! Angry to the max sia!!! 
What is wrong man!!!
It is actually quite bad and this is the reason why her fever didn't subside!
Haiz... Sore Throat, Fever, Heart Murmur, and now Tonsillities!

We feel blessed to meet this PD and hub is glad that he made the right choice to bring Belle to the hospital.
Late better than never... at least now we know what is really wrong!
Please pray for Chrystabelle and hope she will get well really soon!

Monday, October 05, 2015

Friday, October 02, 2015


Yes, Claressa!
I have 2 daughters, small sng and small small sng.
Both of them = sng mui.
Claressa is the younger sng mui, she is 2 years and 2 months.

I did blame her (or rather blame myself for bringing her into this world at the wrong timing.)
But..... Thanks to her, I manage to take 9 months break off from work.
Yes, I left the Hotel industry (for good) because of her :) Thanks Clari!
Life was tough but it was worth it.
Let me share a little bit about her…

She has fever for a couple of days when she was 9 months old…
Being the 2nd child, we were very chillax and self medicate her.
When we finally decided to bring her to the clinic, all the PDs were close at night.
We should be thankful that we went to Thomson Medical Centre’s 24 hrs clinic.
Shortly after stepping out from the doctor’s room, she had febrile seizures (fits).
Very shock and very guilty.
Since that day, I told myself that we must take really good care of this girl.
Single bedded rooms were all fully occupied and we had no choice but to take double bedded room.
Her fever was like roller coaster, up and down, up and down.
I thought she could get well, but no….
The following day was worst and scare the shit out of me.
Her eyes looked weird and her body was cold.
Thank God that the nurse I met is very experience. She knew that something was not right and took us to a room and attended to Clari.  
That week was the worst week in my life (I think).

Fast forward… since then… she fell sick once every month. Fever kind of sick… sian
And… she is only 9kg. lol. Yes, super light and petite but she can eat A LOT.
Skinny, Mischievous, always sick, all sort of nonsense…. only parents will understand how it feels.

3rd day of Chinese New Year this year… when I was still in bed…. I could hear her crying and screaming away.
I thought that was her usual morning cry/whine so I couldn’t be bothered.
After about 5 to 10 minutes, I decided to walk out and check on her…
My mum pacified her and I realised her mouth was filled with blood…
O.M.G yes, a lot of blood because she was mischievous…
God knows how she fell cause no one was around when it happened, so we assume she knock onto the table and she lost one of her front tooth.  
Sigh. Haiz.
We rush her to the hospital and doctor said thankfully, the whole teeth came off nicely (with the “root”).
Otherwise, she might need to extract the whole teeth out.

So… a couple of weeks ago, we were at the car park, about to get up the car.
Her mischievous sister, Chrystabelle decided to not let Claressa up the car…
So belle belle went to close the door and clari’s hand got caught in the door!
O.M.G stupid door had some problem also… I could not open the door and got panicked and scream for help..
Sigh… we immediately sent her to hospital for x-ray.
Luckily everything is ok. Haiz.. this girl is really prone to accident!

The reason why I will blog about Claressa is because….
She ate colour pencil yesterday and still continue to munch it when I ask her to stop.
Haiz… her mouth, teeth and tongue were all green. Haiz
Super duper BTH (bua tahan).
I use the cloth to clean it and made her drank water.
Tell me what to do?! We need to watch her 24/7.
Tsk tsk tsk…

Here she is.... Claressa Sng Yu En

Listening: Cai Min You – Wo Ke Yi (randomly played on my youtube ok…)