Sunday, September 11, 2016

my favourite girls

So.... I used to blogged about them (since they were like 3 years old)
Now... they are stalking me!!

Re-introducing my nieces, Suki Lim & Germaine Tan!

I used to look after them and now its pay back time. Hehehe. Time for them to look after Belle and Clari!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Port Dickson or Malacca?

Since I am already doing research on Port Dickson and Malacca, thought of just sharing this.
My friends and I are planning a short trip during the June holidays.
5 Families will be going, a total of 10 adults, 5 children (age between 2 to 8) and 2 babies (between 5 to 7 months).
I am looking forward to it because this is the first trip that I am travelling with my friends and that many children!

So, we started off with just 1 night at Port Dickson.
Talk, talk, talk... become 2 nights....
Option A: 1 night Port Dickson, 1 night Malacca
Option B: 2 nights Malacca

Grand Lexis Hibiscus is the new kid in Port Dickson.
New Villa with private pool and starts from 780 malaysia ringgit (MYR).
The purpose of this trip is for everyone to play and eat together.
If each family swims in their own villa, when do we meet? hehe.
Go to hotel pool? If so, what's the purpose of taking or own private pool villa?

So, we decided to drop Grand Lexis and look into Avillion
Water Chalet starts from MYR500
We can have nice room and perfect plan for everyone to do things together.

Malacca Hotel, I stayed in Equatorial Hotel before.
That is why I recommend that because it is just next to a shopping mall.
The famous Jonker Street is probably about 10 to 15 mins walk away.
Equatorial Hotel is probably like OG Orchard Point.
Shopping Mall next to it is probably like Center Point.
yes, it is that close....
However, Jonker Street is slightly further. Probably like Forum Shopping Centre.

If we were to stay 1 night in Port Dickson and 1 night in Malacca, here's the cost:

OPTION 1 (Friday to Sunday)
Fri 10 June, Avillion (Port Dickson), MYR610 (rates does not include breakfast)
Sat 11 June, Equatorial (Malacca), MYR295.54 (rates include breakfast for 2 adults and WIFI)
Sun 12 June, return back to Singapore.
Total cost for a family with 2 adults and 1 baby = MYR905.54

OPTION 2 (Saturday to Monday)
Sat 11 June, Equatorial (Malacca), MYR295.54
Sun 12 June, Avillion (Port Dickson), MYR500
Mon 13 June, return back to Singapore.
Total cost for a family with 2 adults and 1 baby = MYR795.54

It will be cheaper to stay in Avillion Port Dickson on Sunday (instead of Saturday).
To save some money, I will suggest to go with Option 2 (Sat to Mon), if you want to spend 1 night in Malacca and 1 night in Port Dickson. hehe.

So, what about 2 nights in Malacca?
Friday to Sunday is cheaper or Saturday to Monday is cheaper?
Sat to Mon is cheaper but the difference is not much. Probably cheaper by about MYR10 only.

I personally prefers to travel on Fri to Sun.
Premier Room rates at Equatorial Hotel cost about MYR296 per night.
2 nights = MYR591 (rates for 2 adults with breakfast and WIFI).
Even if we were to take Club Rooms with Lounge benefits, it is only MYR779.56

So, let's compare the difference!
Travel on Fri to Sun....
Fri at Port Dickson and Sat at Malacca = MYR905.54
Fri and Sat at Malacca = MYR591

Conclusion... if we were to go Port Dickson, it will be more expensive by about MYR314.
To be honest, there is nothing much to do in Port Dickson.
Just swimming and let the wind blow on your face non stop (because it is be the sea). haha
So, our preference will be 2 nights Malacca.
No need to unpack, pack and unpack, pack our luggage so many times!
Well.... we have 5 children and 2 babies!

Hurray! We finally decided to take 2 nights Malacca.
Shall share in my next post on my super indecisive hotel decision! lol.

Premier Room in Equatorial Hotel

Club Lounge in Equatorial Hotel. Daily Breakfast, Evening Cocktails and all day drinks are inclusive in room rate.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Greetings from Bangkok!

It is my second day here! Another two more days to go!

Had my most memorable dinner in Bangkok last night! It's Dine In The Dark at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit!

The Dine In The Dark restaurant is located inside BarSu. Before we enter the restaurant, they provided us with a locker to keep our mobile phones and bags. We pre-ordered our prefered cuisine -Western, Asian, Vegetarian or Surprise. We wasn't told about what we are going to eat but we could indicated the items that we do not want to eat.

They staff at BarSu, introduced us to our visually impaired guide, New. He is awesome! You will know why after reading this post.

We got really scared when we about to enter.. New led us into the restaurant that is pitch dark. Seriously dark and we totally can't see a single thing! It is really scary to have lost your sight and somehow we got panick and felt breathless (cause when we finished our dinner... we found our from the staff from BarSu that the aircon wasnt switch on when we enter. Lol)

After we got comfortable in our seats... we felt better and could breath smoothly! With our ears, we figured out who was sitting where! We spoke so loud that we thought we were the only guests there but actually... theres like another 3 or 4 groups of couple there. Lol. Trust me, its really fun if you go in groups of four.

New explained to us what items and where it was placed on the table. Shortly, our first course was served by New. Yes, he served all every single course!
To start off, I will advise to use your hands. It is much easier to use your sense of touch! Food is really delicious and we guess what we ate at every course.

New is really awesome! He taught us how to pour water from the jug into our glass and kept asking if we were alright. Very very attentive!

Slowly, we learnt how to eat with cutlery. Haha. Soon.. we gaied confidence and started passing ood to each other. Hahaa I even learnt how to feed my hub who was sitting next to me!

Here are some tips... move your hands slowly...
take it slow and do not panick... fast movement will cause you to spill your water or even drop stuff. Lol. Sometimes your might even think that you have lost your cutlery... but do move yours fingers everywhere twice or thrice cause.. it might probably be below your plate. Haha..
Want to try passing food around? Its easy... both person just reach out your hands 45degrees and swing repeatedly left to right. Trust me, you will be able to catch each other hands in less than 5 secs. How fun!

I am not going to tell you what I ate. Hehe.
The food is good cause my fussy/picky niece who do not eat alot of things.... actually finished every single course!
Oh... just that we are not a vegetable lover. Hahaha... so New heard that and we were so thankful when he asked if we would like him to inform Chef to exclude vegetables in our Main course! Lol.
Of course we said YES immediately. Haha

New kept checking on us and ensure that we are doing oki. We were so well taken care of and the portion was generous! I really love the food and the entire dining experience. If I could, I will definitely visit them again!

If you are interested in this unique dining experience... enjoy discount by purchasing your vouchers online!

Monday, March 07, 2016


My BFFs teng and hui are going to Korea again.
I kinda regretted not joining the last trip but this upcoming trip.... I didnt join again....

Talking about Korea, Sihui knows it better than Singapore! She is a number one K-pop fan, even before the k-pop crave came to Singapore, she was already a HUGE fan!
Seriously, anything you want to know about Korea, she will be able to tell you.... even if she can't, she will ask her friend Google and feed you 200% of information! that's her travelog.
Where to go in Korea, What to eat in Korea, Which Celebrity owns which restaurant in Korea, etc etc... she is so detailed till she even take photos of streets on how to get to certain restaurants!
So resourceful till one of my Singaporean-korean speaking colleague who used to study in Korea told me, "I think she knows Korea better than me". Lol

/me pat on sihui's back
Great job, my imi-korean friend! Super A grade imitation :p

Visit her blog today and send some words of encouragement, if you think her blog is really helpful.
she will be extremely happy to hear your positive reviews ;)

Friday, March 04, 2016

Away for 4 months

Seriously, I have forgotten to blog. Lol.
The past 4 months, I forgot that I should blog regularly...
So... what did I do in the past 4 months?

DEC 15
We had a family trip to Hong Kong.
Its was the #sngmui first visit to Disneyland.
The weather was great and the girls really enjoyed themselves, especially in Disneyland.
It ain't easy travelling with young children and to be very honest, we parents didn't enjoy much because it was so tiring....
Next trip? Can't really think of where I should bring them.
Probably a family trip for us the 4 of us to aussie!

When we came back from Hong Kong, it was Christmas!
It's party after party after party!
December is the kids' favourite month... school holiday, vacation, christmas party and of course receiving lots of presents!
It is also the parents' pocket super empty month... first it was black friday.. cyber monday... vacation.. christmas and soon CNY. Lol.

JAN 16
A brand new year.... it's like starting to write on a brand new book.
Clean start with goals from previous years that we have not complete. Lol
What's your new year resolution?
Mine is always the same... lose weight and stay healthy...
but... my resolution hardly come true. Lol.
I gave up gym half way and I continued to feast ;p

FEB 16
Another brand new lunar year!
Its monkey year.... feel so old now ;(
I been thinking about my goals.... but I cant decide what it is...
perhaps after blogging... i shall really take some time off and think about what is my goal in life. Short term and long term.

MAR 16
in a couple of minutes... it is going to be my dad's birthday.
being an only child, I get all the attention from my parents.
infact its not only my parents but also my godma and godsisters.
i am very blessed to be love by so many people.
back to my Dad... he does not earn alot but make enough to bring food home and allow me to complete my education..
He may have made me feel ashame and dissapointed many times but he has and will always put me and my mum as number 1.
I may not love my dad as much as mum but I am extremely thankful to have him as my dad.
here's wishing my dad a blessed birthday and may he stay healthy, wealthy, happy!

I love you, DAD!

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Our Times 我们少女時代

Heard so many good reviews about this show and I decided to watch it.
So glad that Hub went to watch with me and he likes it too.

I love the story line. 
I guess why it touches so mamy people's heart is because this is a story that will happen in any high school!
It is very very sweet!

Probably it is because of Jerry Yan :P that makes me love the show even more!
He is so shuai! Awwwwwwww

I wished this was my story. Haha.
Catch it, if you have not!