Wednesday, September 29, 2010

♥ 3rd week of Chrystabelle's life ♥

--050910, sun (15 day old)--
after going out for so many days, its time for belle to rest at home again!
grand aunty siu mei came to visit belle today!
belle's activities for the day is to sleep, drink milk milk, pee, poo, bathe and sleep, drink milk milk, pee, poo, etc...
oh, she made some new friends too! carrot and penguin! haha.

:: grand aunty siu mei, po po and belle ::

:: penguin and carrot :: same pose as penguin ::

--060910, mon (16 day old)--
i had dinner with ada and pam in june (i think is june. lol)
pam said that she wants to smell my baby when she arrives!
so... today, pam and ada dropped by to see belle.
we had a good time catching up and laughing at the things which we did in pri sch. haha.
check out that they bought for belle!

:: aunty ada, aunty pam, mummy and belle ::

--070910, tue (17 day old)--
i'm offically 26!
how time flies! getting older and older each year!
i had a simple steamboat dinner at home with my family and six+one+one!
though it is my birthday.. belle is the one who is receiving gifts and not me!
tsk tsk tsk... my priority dropped. haha
belle is my queen now! lol.

--080910, wed (18 day old)--
granny, grandpa and sok sok are back from Langkawi and they came over to visit belle
not much activities today...
belle just sleep, drink milk milk, pee, poo, bathe and sleep, drink milk milk, pee, poo, etc... hehe

--090910, thu (19 day old)--
granny and sok sok came over today.
we had nuggets and fries for dinner! yum yum!
been quite some time since i had fries!
ever since i gave birth to belle, my taste bud changes back to the old me! hahaa
when i was pregnant, my taste bud just like to eat something light and i hate fried food!
now.... i am back to normal! i crave for friend items!
sharrkkks... i am prettyy sure i'll put on weight again!
need to cut down!

:: check out what it says ::

--100910, fri (20 day old)--
TGIF! though everyday seems like a friday to me.... haha
i still TGIF coz daddy can spend the next 2 days with us!
belle is growing very fast!
the newborn PJ which granny bought for her seems a little too small for belle already!
she fit in very well horizontally but we can see that she is not very comfortable vertically! haha.
my girl is tall!

:: daddy and belle ::

--110910, sat (21 day old)--
po po went for a day tour to malaysia...
granny, grandpa and sok sok came over and all of us went to ikea!
this is the first time which belle visits ikea!
i am pretty sure she will like to visit ikea in future as it is very child friendly and they have playgrounds!
personally, i love ikea too. hehee
i love the food and i love to buy things there!
its soooo pretty!

:: granny, grandpa and belle at ikea ::

:: hungry baby at ikea! 2 feeds! ::
:: granny, grandpa and belle at ikea ::

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